Monday, November 10, 2008

Candlelight Supper

[week of 11/09/08]


1 Rib Steak
French Fries - from local potatoes
Splendid Table Cookbook's Carrot and Cabbage Slaw - local cabbage, local carrots, local garlic
Applesauce - local apples

note: this was a meal full of local ingredients, which made it seem extra special.

[I'll admit it - the kids ate tofu hot dogs; though Alden had a few bites of steak. Verdict: he prefers bacon.]

My big question, going in to this one, was, what's the difference between rib steak and rib eye steak? I think that it might be about bone/no bone. This steak came with a bone...

All signs pointed to grilling, so that's what we did.

Meat was tasty, albeit on the tough side.

Specs: a 1 lb 6 oz. steak, measuring about 1.5 inches thick.

Joy's recommendations for longer cooking times made Ray feel better, as his comment starting off was, "I'm always wondering why it takes so much longer to cook than I think it should..." or, something like that.

Sorry - no good pictures. We had candles, to celebrate the lovely meal, and Alden insisted on turning the lights off, so, conditions were bad for photography. Plus, Alden had drained the batteries on the camera by taking endless movies of his hotwheels cars performing tricks on the hotwheels tracks.

The meal went south and the children were sent to bed when Alden lobbied one too many times to build a track across the dining room table.

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qcanoe said...

Hey Clarissa, I just sent you a big brain dump via email containing some of what I like to think of as accumulated wisdom on this topic. Remember, Steph's dad is a butcher and slaughterhouse owner, so we've had our share of exposure to beef over the years. (Although it's strange how hard it is to get information out of him that satisfies our academic need for terminology, facts, and experiences to be used and reported consistently over time.)